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  • The flexible space stock of India is likely to expand from 10-15% from the present 36 million sq.ft in the next 3 years.
  • The Real Estate Industry Covers many aspects such as development, appraisal, leasing, marketing and management of residential, commercial, agricultural, & industrial properties.

Redefined Policies

  • SEBI has decreased the minimum application value for Real estate investment trust from ₹ 50000 to ₹ 10,000- ₹15,000 to make market, access able to small & retail investors.
  • The New Land Acquisition Law us in favor of the Land owners.
  • The consistence of the parent document while registering a Land has security the transfer of properties.
  • Online services to view patta , FMB map, A register application status. Verify Govt/private/ poramaboku land etc., has simplified the process of procuring information/certificate.

Lucrative Opportunities

  • Real Estate is the 2nd largest employment sector.
  • Investments in Real Estate is going up. Chennai ranks 4th in India after Bangalore.
  • Hiring of manpower, architects engineers, professionals & material procurement have become centralized.

Raising Demand

  • Sale of housing is up by 29% and new launches by 51%.
  • Startups , healing ,centre, entrepreneur, refreshment joints, Creative Productions are growing significantly, making room for India’s increasing infrastructural needs.
  • By 2030, additional 25 million units of housing are required.
  • Remote working demands further housing that is affordable in tier 2-3 cities .

All About Read estate

  • Real Estate is a Latin French Word. It means True Status.
  • RE offers promotion, progressions & opportunity to start a new venture in shorter period of time.
  • The term Real Estate was first recorded in 1660.
  • RE is investment good and consumption good.
  • Renting & leasing constitute one of the largest sector of a country’s economy, accounting for a key increase in percentage of our National GDP.

Land on your land. Reason being….

  • India is among the top 10 price appreciating housing markets internationally.
  • Driven by increasing transparency and returns there is surge in private investments in the sector..
  • India poised to become 3rd largest economy by 2030 and 2nd by 2050.
  • Since the cost of buying and improving an investment priority can be deprecated over of is useful life , you benefit from decades of deductions.

BUY Land

  • that will be of a dwelling to you or someone –consumption
  • that will be lucrative to an entrepreneur-commercial
  • that will yield organic vegetables-farming
  • that will bank year funds-space stock
  • that will guard you, in times of-security
  • that will house trees & breeze-Eco Friendly
  • One can save capital gains by inverting immediately.
  • Active land owners can afford to take a month off from work, can generously donate, can attend to their family needs & functions with ease.
  • Maintence teams provide the required labor and services, thus making it hassle free for owners.

Real Estate, Real Wealth

  • Real Estate Invertors make money through Rental income, appreciations & profit generated by business activities.
  • Appreciation happens through locations, developments, improvements, industrial explanations & expansions.
  • Royalties on land for discoveries of mineral or oil or trees or gravel deposits & other resources
  • Once cities are expanding, outskirts become increasingly valuable, since developers show interest.
  • Expansion of Roadways brings one closer to the Land of Reach.
  • In a Barren land, the rocks, the wood, the trees and even the land scapings serves the buyer.
  • In a Raw land, income can be generated through parking, timber, agriculture, pipelines, cell phone towers, productions units etc.,
  • Discover the thrill of owning hard assets that don’t disappear overnight , that can be secure and protected.


  • We provide the necessary legal support in resolving clarifications in title deed, survey issues, sale deed and supporting documents.
  • RE Management and Development